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Sourcing aluminium sustainably

A guide to purchasing aluminium


Why is sustainable aluminium procurement essential?

As a responsible buyer, it is crucial to you not only to find the best price but also to protect the environment and society. Aluminum is a key material in many industries. We want to support you in sustainably sourcing aluminum products.

Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and recyclable. It is thus widely used in many different areas. However, the extraction and processing of aluminum significantly impacts the environment. Energy-intensive processes pollute the environment, while unsustainable practices and processes exacerbate the problems.

Our guidelines for sustainable purchasing of aluminium products comprise five levers:


1. Certifications and standards: 

Give preference to suppliers who source primary aluminum according to recognized standards such as the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (asi). asi-certified aluminum guarantees environmentally and socially responsible production. 

We are also asi-certified and take this standard very seriously.    
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2. Recycling and circular economy:

Favor suppliers that process recycled aluminum or aluminum with a low environmental footprint.

Many aluminum processing companies already work with aluminum that has a carbon footprint ≤ 4 t CO2 / t Al.

At apt, the use of recycled raw aluminum is around 30% - we buy raw aluminum with a CO2 footprint of ≤ 4 t CO2 / t Al.    

Our Goal: supply you with the most
sustainable aluminium products in Europe

Our roadmap for getting there

3. Supplier relationships:

Demand transparency from your suppliers about their procurement criteria and supply chains. Pay attention to environmental friendliness and social compatibility.

Apt works with partners and suppliers that commit to environmentally friendly processes and social responsibility.    

How CBAM can make the import of aluminum products into the EU more expensive

The most important information at a glance

4. Imports from third countries:

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) of the European Union (EU) ensures greater fairness in the trade of CO2-intensive products across EU borders. 

The product groups affected by CBAM include products that are CO2-intensive to manufacture and process - including aluminum.

You can find out what this means in concrete terms for aluminium procurement and how aluminum from third countries can become more expensive on our factsheet.     



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5. Durability and resource efficiency: 

Consider durability, quality, and functionality when selecting products. Invest in aluminum products that meet the requirements of your applications and have a long service life.

Sustainability is a valuable factor that also influences your competitiveness in the ranking for the best offer for your customers.

Read our sustainability report, which we have been publishing voluntarily since 2021.     

The importance of sustainable procurement

Sustainability in aluminum processing is a step towards a responsible future. By conscious decisions, we can minimize environmental impact and promote social responsibility. Choosing sustainable aluminum is thus not only a sign of responsibility but also an investment in the future.

At a time when sustainability is playing an increasingly crucial role in the free market economy, buyers should examine their priorities. Price alone can no longer be the overriding criterion. Targeted procurement of sustainable aluminum contributes to protecting the environment and society. Companies with a clear sustainability roadmap help with the selection process. The apt Group is committed to the sustainable use of resources.

Do you have any questions about sustainable procurement?

Our experts will be happy to help you. Talk to us.